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5CTD: Page 1 Class 1 Digital Meter Metering, Time of Use and Load Control
5CTD: Page 1 Class 1 Digital Meter Metering, Time of Use and Load Control

The ZIV 5CTD meter has a modular design to satisfy the metering require-ments of a broad range of customers, from small businesses to middle size industries.
To achieve maximum functionality, has applied the most advanced technologies to the 5CTD meters along with a competitive quality/price ratio.
The 5CTD modular concept allows to customize the meter to the needs of industrial or commercial customers with large power consumption requiring com-plex TOU (in several independent con-tracts) plus load control functionality, as well as small to medium cogenerations or smaller commercial customers with less functional requirements.
· All non-regulated customers (those who are eligible to chose their sup-plier).
· Customers in the regulated market,connected in low or medium voltage.
· Metering
· Bi-directional active energy.
· Four quadrants reactive energy.
· Active, reactive, and apparent power.
· Instantaneous voltage and current phase values.
· Power factor of the installation and for each phase.
· Frequency.
· Time of use
· Up to 9 active (kWh) and 9 reactive (kvarh) energy rates per contract(1).
· Up to 9 active (kW) and 9 reactive (kvar) power rates per contract(1).
· Programmable Power integration period (fixed or moving), from 1 to 60 minutes in multiple whole numbers.
· Up to 3 active independent and confi-gurable contracts(1).
· Up to 3 “dormant” contracts(1), with pro-grammable activation date.
· Up to 12 independent time periods per contract(1).
· Weekdays, holidays and special days chart.
· Up to 24 rate periods per day.
· Manual and automatic end of billing period with programmable date and time.
· Automatic switch of summer/winter season.
· Load control
· Cumulative and incremental active, reactive and apparent energy values, per rate and total.
· Maximum power total and per rate, with date and time tag.
· Up to 15 resets per contract(1).
· Hourly load curve of 8 channels, with a depth of 4,096 records(2).
· Second load curve with programmable integration period of whole divisors of 60 minutes, 8 channels and with a depth of 4,096 records(3).
· Event recording (voltage failure and restoration per phase, change of para-meters, time synchronization, current and power above or below a program-mable threshold, etc.) with date and time tag.

(1), (2) and (3) Based on the selected models.

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