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About Mercken Co...

Mercken Engineering Co. Founded in 1992 by a group of engineers each with more than 15 years of experience in Relay department of TAVANIR Co. (A governmental company affiliated to the Ministry of Energy, responsible for transmission and distribution of electrical energy)
Mercken Eng. Co. has one office in Tehran (Capital city of Iran).
It has three main departments: 1-Production Dep. 2- Marketing & Sales Dep. 3-Contracts Dep.
The main activities of Production Dep. are design & manufacturing of general-purpose test equipment and custom design test equipments. Some of the supplies are:

  • Secondary Injection test equipment for testing current & voltage relays Type MK30, Input 220 VAC, Outputs: 0-200A, 2A equipped with 0-999.999 Sec timer.
  • Digital micro ohm meter (Contact resistance measuring) instrument Type MK50, Input 220 VAC, Output: 0-600A rectified DC, Measuring ranges:0-99.99 mili ohm, with resolution of 1 micro ohm.
  • Primary Injection test Equipment for testing C.T’s, Bus bars, Circuit Breakers, Disconnector Switches, joints up to 5000A, 2A,including all accessories, such as connection cables,..
  • Multi purpose test equipment type AK73 for testing metal enclosed switchgear, used by panel manufacturing companies,and other industries. Outputs: 0-2500A, 2.5 V 0-5000V, 1A 0-200A, 2.5V 24,48,110VDC, equipped with timer and microampere meter.
  • Annunciator Unit 9 windows & 12 windows used in high voltage substations.
  • Energy meter test equipment (at design and prototype stage).

The main activities of marketing and sales departments are taking part in governmental, and private sector tenders, receiving and processing inquiries related to the field of activities. Import, marketing and sales of electrical equipment, switchgear, test equipment.relays.Mercken Co. is in the Vendor list of Ministry of Energy, Petrochemical, Refineries, and regional electrical companies.
The main activities in the field of Contract Dep. is installation, commissioning, and test of substation relay, metering and control equipments. It has access to all required equipment such as Distance relays test set on rental basis, and can employ well-experienced technicians on part time basis.
The main shareholders of Mercken are experienced in the field of protection, control, and metering systems. 

Digital Revenue Meters, Metering Systems, Power Quality Meters.


Business in Canada

 Cost-effective hardware, software and system design services to local and international customers. Custom Electronic Design or developing firmware for special applications or researching a new product idea. More information:


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