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5CTM: Digital Single Phase Class 1 Meter
5CTM: Digital Single Phase Class 1 Meter


The 5CTM meter family meets the metrological needs of the residential market, providing automated meter reading (AMR) to the distribution companies, based on a modular platform.
The modular concept allows the 5CTM to be used both by clients that only require energy metering functions, and those who, opting for the deregulated market, require time of use (TOU) functions and/or load profile functionality.
The 5CTM model can optionally incorporate a bi-directional PLC modem (power line communication) through the low-voltage network, providing remote reading and operation of all meters.

Active Energy:
Class 1 IEC 62052-11-21*

Reactive Energy:
Class 2 IEC 62053-21-23*
* Replace the standards IEC 61036 and 61268 Metering
• Active energy in one or two directions
• Reactive energy (4 quadrants)
• Active and reactive power
• Instantaneous values for U, I and cos ϕ

Time of use
• Up to 8 tariffs for active energy (kWh) or reactive energy (kvarh)
• Maximum power, total and by tariff, with date and time tag
• Up to 15 historical resets in memory
• Up to 8 tariffs for active power (kW) and up to 8 maximum power demands
• Programmable integration period of 15 minutes
• Up to 8 different types of days. Each day of the year may be configured as any of these types
• Up to 48 rate periods per day
• Manual and automatic resets with programmable date and time
• Automatic winter / summer switch-over Load profile
• Absolute and incremental values for active and reactive energy by total and by tariff
• Incident and event recording (voltage failure, change of parameters, clock synchronization, current and power above and below a programmable threshold, etc) with date and time tag
• Load profile of 8 channels and with a depth of 4.096 records

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