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Current & voltage transformer test set model AK81
Current & voltage transformer test set model AK81

The current & voltage transformer test set, model AK81 has been
designed to test current transformers for Excitation, Saturation, Ratio
and Polarity and voltage transformer for Ratio test.
Current & voltage transformer testing features:
Up to 2500 volts test voltage, up to 1 amperes output.
Digital and analog current readings.
Up to 600A test current, up to 2.5 volts.
Real DC supply for polarity test.
An important tool for commissioning, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance
Measurement of any ratio of current transformer
Indication of ct polarity.
Fully protected against overload or short circuit.
A saturation test is performed by applying voltage to the current transformer, which increases the
test current linearly until near saturation at which time a large increase of current is easily seen
on the bar graph meter and accurately read on the digital ammeter.
Ratio test is the result of voltage comparison between primary and secondary current or voltage
easily calculated into ratio and displayed by the flip of a switch.
A polarity test is performed by a built in rechargeable, replaceable battery.
And a galvanometer.

Technical specification:
Power input: 110V or 230V, 50/60 Hz
Output1 continuously variable 0-2500V 1A
Output2 0-600A continuously variable (2.5V)
Output3 12V DC for polarity test

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